Hi Friends!

We have all heard that yoga is more than twisty, bendy, Instagram worthy postures. Yoga is more than being able to stand on our hands, and even our heads. And unless you have a selfie stick or are living the life of Riley, the life of the social media yogi is somewhat of an illusion of the practice as a whole.


While coming to a studio regularly can certainly help you squeeze into that size X (fill in the blank of what-I-idealize-to-be-perfect-here) there is SO much more to explore to help us lead our happiest, healthiest, most ecstatic lives.


The body IS the portal to presence.  Getting into our bodies regularly and feeling them come alive from the inside out is what opens up the the real power behind the practice of Yoga.


Without a DOUBT, it makes perfect sense to start with the body.  (And if ever in doubt, drop everything and literally run to your nearest studio and get on your mat!)

This is a place where we will:

  • Explore the day to day meaning of yoga off the mat and in our moments
  • Talk freely about the the wisdom of the practice beyond the postures
  • Start the conversation about yoga beyond the asana

Please always feel free to share or add.  Yoga means to unite. To create union.

SO Let’s begin…

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