Health Counseling

This decision to pursue a career in wellness was the result of discovering yoga – a practice that has been both life challenging and empowering.  Prior to yoga, my life was consumed by a demanding job in marketing / sales, which left me unfulfilled. Yoga provided me with a space for personal retreat and the physical and mental discipline that my life lacked.  I began teaching yoga with the desire to help others realize this infinite possibility.  As a teacher, it has always been my desire to guide students to reach beyond their mental and physical limitations and achieve personal empowerment.

The opportunity to teach students how to optimize their health and realize their fullest mental and physical potential is incredible. Spanning young professionals, brides, and mothers for over 10 years—I have been a witness to tremendous personal growth among my students. The most rewarding moments have occurred when a I have been able to create a personal connection with a student. The joy of these experiences contributed to my decision to become a health counselor and helped me better define my craft as a wellness professional.

Teaching studio classes, while rewarding, is limited in scope of what I ultimately wanted to create amongst my students, whole body health and happiness.

Particularly frustrating is the inability to engage more deeply in the role of nutrition, spirituality, relationships, stress and their influence on our everyday happiness and sense of wellbeing. With this in mind I set out to compliment my yoga instruction with nutritional counseling.   My goal is to encourage my students to lead healthier lives and achieve their wellness goals whatever they may be.

To achieve the proper training, I attended the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York and received a certification as a health counselor and life coach.  I found the combination of yoga and nutrition to be overwhelmingly empowering and as a result, I decided to further my education and pursue a Master’s in Counseling Psychology with an Emphasis in Health and Mindfulness.

Currently I host health workshops, teach group classes and give private instruction to help people attain their personal goals with regards to total health and am excited to join forces with the Pad Studios and their wellness initiative as a Health Counselor.  I believe in a highly individualized, client-centered approach to wellness.  This focuses around the creation and cultivation of positive life events including healthy relationships, fulfilling careers, regular physical activity, spiritual awareness and of course nutrition.

I look forward to meeting you to discuss your personal empowerment plan and wellness goals!

Please contact me at to set up a FREE INTAKE.

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