Essential Oils Used in Class

Many have inquired about the various essential oils I use in class and some easy DIY recipes. I try to practice  ‘waste not want not’ so have found it beneficial to make some simple products naturally that I would normally have to buy quite often from the grocery. (less plastic, less waste, less transit of my product making it to my kitchen counter, less potential of using chemicals in my home, etc. You get it! 🙂

Here is information on the ones I like to use and a link to how they are sourced
  • Lavender and Meluca Yoga Mat Spray – Yoga Mat Spray Recipe
  • Deep Blue lotion for sore muscles
  • Balance – the earthy blend you put on your feet  or chest to get grounded
  • Breathe on chest diluted with fractionated coconut oil when sick, before practice to open nasal passages for breathing, or diffuse when sick (I diffuse in my son’s room when congested- like a natural Vicks Vapor Rub)
  • On Guard  I use the soap concentrate diluted in an old Method dish soap spray bottle and it is a natural disinfectant, use in sink for dish washing and to wipe down counters / smells incredible – I also use the oil as a hand sanitizer bc. i am surrounded by kid germs) OnGuard Sanitizer Recipe
  • Motivate I diffuse as an uplifter and I swear it is a natural Aderol to get things done without the side effects!
  • Wild Orange – use at the end of class in palms to remind people of Spring and to stay positive – natural mood lifter
  • Grapefruit – mood lifter, (fog lifter:), great diluted with OnGuard, vinegar and water in a spray bottle for cleaning surfaces without the chemicals All Purpose Cleaner Recipe
  • Lemon to put in water (I am really bad about drinking water and this is refreshing and all natural, no sweeteners – just botanical extract – tastes like fresh lemon zest)
  • Passion on pulse points for obvious reasons 🙂 creativity, passion, excitement (I need all the help I can get!)
  • Geranium and Lavender – diffuse for a clean, uplifting scent in my home

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Glad to answer any questions and order through my Wholesale Account (I get credit = more oils to explore for workshops and classes :).

If you want to save on shipping, please contact me to make an order directly before the 8th of each month.  Happy to add to my ongoing order and deliver to the studio! 

If you are interested in any of the oils I use in my classes or workshops please reach out!


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