Happy M-OTHERS Day

Yoga teaches us to pay attention on purpose. To pay attention to our breath, our bodies, how we work in and contribute to the world, and to acknowledge the experiences of others.

Mother’s Day is a day that we recognize our mother’s – be that in ourselves or in someone who cared for us dearly.  For some it is a thankful and joyful experience, and for others it may represent a place of sadness, emptiness or even loss.

Our yoga teaches us to go beyond our subjective experience and perhaps even learn to understand that of another. It reminds us that although we are all connected and one, we must all hold one another and their experiences as well.   It teaches us to extend our hearts and our minds into space that we didn’t know possible or imaginable.  It give us the opportunity to love even harder and deepen in our own hearts a place of compassion.  It lets us continue to travel down the path of our never ending spiritual journey.

Today I dedicate my practice to the mother who brought me into this world, the mother I hope to become, the figures who have given love to our children-young and old, and those that have gone beyond and are no longer with us.

Let us always remember all our dear mothers and the others that have held and continue to hold our hearts.  Let us all be mothers to one another.





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