Listening Closely to Our Inner Child

Everyday I try and reflect back on what may have been the day’s teachers or lessons. I sometimes watch for things that may be garnering my attention and evaluate if there is a subtle purpose. Since the majority of my time is spent paying close attention to my 9 month old – as he desperately attempts to place everything in his mouth that is not food, I have come to realize that he is officially my teacher.

Todays’ lesson from Hayes: When we become overtired – nothing is fun or meaningful. How does this apply in our own lives, and more importantly are we paying close attention? When my son becomes overtired he becomes stubborn, he gets grouchy, and the crescendo, he writhes on the floor in tears. We are similar (all but the thrashing part), yet we continue to show up day after day, fried from our over-doing, exhausted from our addiction to appear busy and highly functioning on social media, successful at our work, in our relationships, in every facet of our lives.

I type this as I take another sleep deprived sip of my double soy latte and hear my son in the background fighting a much needed nap before we leave to teach my noon class.

Questions : Am I taking proper care of my body? My spirit? My mind? Am I getting enough quality rest? Am I spending enough quality time creating quality laughs that I don’t feel the need to be posted on Facebook?

Today will be a day where a do less and experience more. I may not get that much sought after nap, but I will embrace time to slow down and take care. To find ten minutes to meditate. To have a healthy and nourishing meal that I can eat slow enough to taste. I will spend 20 minutes on my mat if I can’t make it to a studio so that I can feel some aliveness in my body.

As I type my last word, his crying in the distance finally subsides, and the stirring in my own mind and body begins to settle.

Inquiry : Today how will you take care?



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