Yoga Intensive Wednesday October 21 (7:45-9:30pm)

Beginning in October, I will be leading a series of yoga intensives for small groups of 6, who wish to deepen their understanding of basic anatomy and postural alignment as related to all of the major poses that regularly show up within the vinyasa practice. This is an excellent opportunity to up level without the premium pricing of a one-on-one private session and receive hands-on alignment and hands-on assists that will take you deeper into your body, the poses and the practice.

Class will also include instruction on pranayama (yoga breathing), and meditation and will conclude with yoga nidra. This class is appropriate for anyone who has a regular practice and wishes to have a seasoned instructor, pay close attention to you and your form for the purpose of optimizing your practice- making sure you are in safe alignment, utilizing your energy and strength in the easiest way allowing energy to flow without obstruction. Given the semi-private nature of this intensive, I will answer any individual questions and explore any particular poses that may be of great interest to you!

Prerequisite: 50 vinyasa flow classes or minimum of one year of practice

When: Wednesday, October 21st 7:45pm-9:30pm

Where: The Pad Studios | Tadpole Room

Cost: $45

Please email with the subject line “Yoga Intensive” with any questions!


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