Daylong Yoga Retreat At Solage Resort and Spa

When: Sunday May 7th Where: Solage Resort and Spa Time: 9 am - 6 pm Cost: $150 Brunch is optional, but average check is approximately $35 not including alcohol or gratuity. Cost of the day without brunch is $150.  Please reach out to me with any questions or to reserve your spot!

Handstand Workshop Friday 3/17 The Pad!

Most yogis will say their biggest challenge in their asana practice is mastering inversions. The first time you do an inversion unassisted, there is a rush of adrenaline followed by elation. Once the fear is defeated, the innumerable benefits of inversions can begin to do their magic. Join me for a class that will address […]

Rainy day yoga Saturday / Sunday 

Rain chases us inside, but then begs us to slow down and listen. There are few things more peaceful & grounding than rain falling outside your window. Come practice with me SAT. 9am #thepadstudios SUN 11am #yogaflowsf - 2 great studios with AMAZING windows! Bring it!  #movesweatbreatherepeat #ilovearainynite #seebeautyinallthings #yogainsf #sfyogajunkies #sfyoga

Yoga For Deeper Living All Day Intensive – Sunday Jan. 29th

So Excited to announce a special class and collaboration with teacher Anna Hughes       Yoga For Deeper Living All Day Intensive.  Please join us in January to take your daily practice of yoga deeper and connect in the New Year. SESSION #1 – Tilling the Soil - Sunday January 29th (9:15-4:30pm) Conceal the practice reveal the results -Tao expression … Continue reading Yoga For Deeper Living All Day Intensive – Sunday Jan. 29th